We are all photographers, we always have a camera with us and we are always capturing the moments around us. There are no good or bad photos, there are just photos that reflect our interests, our style, our personality, our environment.

Photos have become more and more spontaneous – it is OK to have closed eyes, twisted mouths, cut heads, people out of the frame more than ever before.. photos went from very formal to fun/light/capture the moment type of things.. even formal photography like wedding photography has turned into more story telling.

Below are some ideas about how to make those moments even better.

Look for the best light

Look for the best light.

Lighting is important in photography because it can set the mood and tone of the photo. It can be as dramatic or subtle as you choose and add warmth or depth.

Here are some ideas on how you can experiment with lighting in your photos.

Light sources

  • Photograph at golden hour (sunrise and sunset) for more cinematic, dramatic lighting.
  • For softer, more diffused light with less shadows, shoot on a foggy, cloudy or overcast day.
  • Flat, broad light that’s not too bright helps to keep your subject the focal point.
  • Give lighting and subject equal importance in your photos with a narrower light source like light coming in through the window.
light sources
Direction of light

Direction of light

There are three main directions of light:

  • Light behind your subject adds an ethereal vibe.
  • Light behind you as the photographer spotlights the subject.
  • Light coming in from the sides allows room for shadow play.

Experiment with different lighting directions; different situations and subjects have diverse lighting needs.

Natural light or flash

  • For soft, nature-oriented photos, opt for natural light outside or close to a window.
  • Use flash outside with daylight for a subtle way to make your subjects pop.
  • Use flash in low light for a dramatic, photojournalistic look.
Natural light


Craft a unique composition. 

The composition of a photo is how you choose to organize your objects and subjects in frame. You can add visual interest to any photo by playing around with the arrangement of each element with a few tips below.

  • Be mindful of the background. A cluttered background can distract and take attention away from your subject.
  • Frame your shot with archways, doors, tree branches and other interesting elements to add visual appeal.
  • Experiment with different perspectives: get low to the ground or photograph from high above.
  • Direct the viewer’s eyes to a specific point with leading lines in your photo.
  • Follow the rule of thirds—use the grid on your camera to help place subjects in the thirds of the frame.
  • Make sure your photo is balanced and pay attention to symmetry in your space.

Find your focus. 

The focus of your photo shows the viewer what is significant within the frame with sharpness and contrast. This primarily depends on how you want to execute your creative vision in any situation, and should be thoughtfully crafted before the snap of a shutter.

  • Clean your lens regularly with a soft cloth for crisp, clear photos.
  • When you take photos on a mobile device, tap what you want to be in focus.
  • Experiment with depth of field by blurring the background behind your subject for a more artistic look.
  • Show movement through focus; freeze a moment in time or capture your subject in motion.
  • Photos that aren’t in perfect focus can be beautiful and feature interesting texture.

find your focus


Print your perspective.

Keep all the photos you’ve taken as a reminder of all the photography tips and tricks you’ve learned and use them to hone in on your craft.

Make moments last

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